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Are Rodents
the most


Tenants you'll have?

The #RodentRebels is just one part of the Legion of Pests.

The Legion is a sneaky, cunning group of creepy crawlies and rodents itching to find a way into your home. They'll eat your food, ruin your furniture, and even bite or sting you!

Follow the Rodent Rebels on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to see how the Ehrlich hero puts a stop to their plans.

Meet Our Hero!

He is the man who knows what to look for — he'll track down the rats & mice and even the score.





Key characteristic: Fast runner

Personality: Playful

Best feature: Whiskers

Favorite martial art: Karate

Key characteristic: Best sense of smell

Personality: Cautious

Best feature: Shiny fur

Favorite martial art: Taekwondo

Key characteristic: Great climber

Personality: Domineering

Best feature: Powerful legs

Favorite martial art: Judo

Key characteristic: Very agile

Personality: Loves men

Best feature: Eyes

Favorite martial art: Tai-chi

Worried about rats or mice?

Rats and mice are very agile and will find any gap or hole to get inside your home. Watch what attracts rats and mice and how easily they can get around.

Call today at (877) 794-8812 for prevention & control!

Follow the #RodentRebels for surprising facts and practical tips!






Are Rodents
the most


Tenants You'll Have?

Meet Our Hero!

The rodent rebels discover a sandwich

I think I have mice

Learn how to tell
Rodent rebel character looking at a mouse trap

How can I get
rid of rats?

Find effective solutions
Rodent Rebel character trying to get in a house

Are there mice
in my attic?

Learn about common pests in attics

The Bed Bug Bandits

Who can stop their nightly feeds?

Find out more about Bed Bugs

Contact us

Ask about our rat and mouse
control solutions

Contact us now!

The Stinger Squad

Ruining your summer one BBQ at a time

Keep wasps and hornets away
The rodents have a midnight feast

A Midnight Feast

Will Maxi and Meme's desire
for food cost them dearly?

A hate-hate relationship

A Hate-Hate Relationship

Will Rory & Ruby ever be able to get along with Maxi and Meme?
all the DIY solutions!

The rodents are outwitted


Will Maxi, Meme, Rory & Ruby get
past all the obstacles in their way?

Office playtime - rodent gnawing a cable

Office Playtime

See Maxi and Meme get up to mischief in the office.

The rodents have challenging times

Challenging times

See clever Maxi and Meme avoid
all the DIY solutions!

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